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Front end Firefox development tools

Front end Firefox development

Front end Firefox user interface development

  • Introduction to XUL
  • Introduction to XBL
  • Creating a simple XUL window exercise

Platform development

  • Creating C++ XPCOM components

Debugging C++ code

  • Debugging your local build with Visual Studio
  • Introduction to different debugger windows in Visual Studio
  • More advanced debugging tricks with Visual Studio
  • Debugging your local build in OS X with Xcode
  • Debugging your local builds in Linux with gdb and ddd

Getting commit access

  • Getting commit access level 1
  • Getting commit access level 3

Staying up to date

  • Staying up to date on Mozilla happenings

Firefox OS automation and testing

  • Pushing to Gaia (on github) ends up running code in TBPL
  • TBPL tests and how to read them specific to Firefox OS
  • How to use gaia-try to see results
  • Understanding intermittent test failures

Desktop automation and testing